Minnesota Business Partnership Statement Regarding the Chauvin Verdict

The Minnesota Business Partnership, which represents the CEOs and top executives of more than 100 of Minnesota’s largest businesses, issued the following statement regarding the Chauvin verdict:

“Today, justice was served and hopefully some measure of healing can begin. This outcome demonstrates that our justice system, while imperfect, can work. We are pleased the jury carefully weighed the evidence and delivered a just verdict in this case, but we also recognize that the struggle for racial equality and equity is far from finished. It is not enough to secure a conviction after an injustice occurs, we must collectively work to adopt policies, practices and behaviors at a community and individual level to prevent the injustice from happening in the first place.”

“Our state has done important work on police reform, but more remains to be done. We must continue working to ensure our laws conform to high standards and expectations and that the law is enforced fairly and equitably. But achieving true social justice requires measures that go beyond passing and enforcing new laws; our culture, attitudes and behaviors must also change. It is incumbent upon all of us – elected officials, law enforcement agencies and officers, civil servants, community leaders, educators, the business community, and the public – to take bold steps toward building a more equitable state for all Minnesotans.