MBP Statement on Governor Walz’s Budget Proposal

Charlie Weaver, executive director of the Minnesota Business Partnership, issued the following statement regarding Governor Walz’s budget proposal:

“Minnesota is blessed to be home to remarkable businesses who are vital contributors to our state’s economy and quality of life. Large homegrown businesses provide more than a half million good-paying jobs, pay billions in state and local taxes, and account for nearly half of all charitable grants in the state. Raising taxes on these businesses in the midst of a global pandemic and fragile economic recovery is counterproductive.”

Weaver continued: “The cost of doing business in Minnesota is already among the highest in the nation, even without these proposed tax hikes. These tax increases would threaten the state’s recovery and put our state’s businesses at a competitive disadvantage against competitors in other states and globally.  Instead of penalizing homegrown businesses for being in Minnesota, we should be doing everything we can to encourage businesses to stay and thrive here. We look forward to working with Governor Walz and the Legislature to find solutions that ensure Minnesota remains a great place to live, work, and grow.”