Health Care


Minnesota remains a national leader in health care with high quality of care, low rate of uninsured, high rate of private insurance, and a comparatively healthy population. Still, rising costs remain an enormous challenge for Minnesota employers, individuals, and state government. Despite slightly slower growth in recent years, projections show total health care spending in Minnesota nearly doubling between 2016 and 2026, when it will account for one-fifth of the state’s economic activity.

To create a sustainable system with improved quality and lower costs, reforms are needed to engage consumers, align purchasers, and reorient providers and insurers to find and deliver market-driven efficiencies.

Minnesota should pursue a balanced approach to reform in order to ensure a functioning and responsive health care marketplace that achieves optimal health outcomes, reduces costs, and increases access to affordable care. Our rich tradition of health care leadership and market-based innovation can create new solutions to meet the unique needs of patients and providers.

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