MBP members step up in state’s fight against COVID-19

As the state combats the spread of coronavirus, countless Minnesota companies are stepping up to lend their resources and expertise to the fight. The Star Tribune reports:

At a news conference last week, Walz said that the company participants also include Toro, Polaris, Patterson Cos., Mayo Clinic and Target.

The effort began last month when Walz reached out to [Doug] Baker, who is an executive committee member of the Minnesota Business Partnership. Baker called on partnership members to volunteer and soon had the group of corporate leaders lending staff, resources and supply contacts to the state’s effort.

“As they were shutting down some of their operations [due to the virus], they were asking how they could help the state” on a pro-bono basis, Walz said. The corporations’ involvement was pivotal because these firms understood and “ran supply chains globally with international companies.”

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