MBP Statement On End of Legislative Session

Kurt Zellers, CEO of the Minnesota Business Partnership, issued the following statement regarding the end of the 2024 legislative session:

At the start of the legislative session leaders promised this would be an ‘implementation session’ in which Minnesota business owners and leaders could offer solutions to help make Minnesota’s headquarters economy more economically competitive.”

Zellers continued: “What could have been a session of collaboration and bipartisan solutions sadly ended in finger-pointing and name-calling. As a result, the cost of living for everyday Minnesotans will continue to increase in the form of ridesharing prices, gas tax increases, sales tax increases, and the home delivery tax to name just a few. After two years of chaos at the Capitol and hostility toward Minnesota businesses and the Minnesotans who work for them, it’s time to restore balance to state government.”


About the MBP
The Minnesota Business Partnership is comprised of more than 100 CEOs and top executives from Minnesota’s largest employers. Representing a broad range of business interests, political perspectives and personal philosophies, they are united by the Partnership’s mission: Maintain a high quality of life for all Minnesotans by ensuring that the state’s economy remains strong and globally competitive.